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  • Alabaster
  • Blue Sea
  • Copper Slate
  • Cucina
  • Dusk Slate
  • Earthen Slate
  • Ember Glow
  • Harvest Gold
  • Marble Frost
  • Oak Stone
  • Ochre Field
  • Porcelain Cream
  • Red Clay Slate
  • River Rock
  • Sandstone
  • Soft Dawn
  • Soft Rain
  • Spring Field
  • Tanfield
  • Umber Gold


Whether your existing wall tile is beginning to look dull and lifeless, does not suit your desired colour scheme – or is a mistake you’ve lived with for years – replacing it with new tile is a costly, messy and time-consuming proposition.

But now, with the SpreadStone™ Wall Tile Refinishing Kit, you can roll on a premium stone or porcelain finish right over your existing tile surface.

You get the beauty and performance of premium tile (that normally would cost you thousands of dollars) — in a simple, easy-to-use kit that lets you dramatically improve your bathroom, kitchen or any other room in just one weekend.

The kit contains everything you need to complete your project like a pro, with no creative skills necessary. Just follow a few easy steps and be amazed!

Features & Benefits

Typical Uses

  • Bathrooms & shower areas
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Accent wall tile
  • Decorative columns
  • Residential & commercial

Performance Features

  • Pre-mixed stone formula
  • Hard, durable surface
  • Waterproof barrier
  • Resists cleaning chemicals
  • No more dirty grout lines!

Usage Highlights

  • simple step-by-step method
  • No creative skill required
  • Odourless
  • Fast dry times
  • Water-based, user-friendly

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