Countertop Clear Coat

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Kit Covers 25 – 35 sq.ft.

SpreadStone’s decorative stone surface is a consumer favorite all on its own for it’s elegantly natural look and feel – but did you know it’s also stunning dressed in a glass-clear topcoat?

Daich Coatings proudly presents the new SpreadStone Countertop Clear Coat for our customers who want the smoothest high-gloss polished stone finish.

This easy-to-apply epoxy kit adds a whole new look and feel to the Original or Mineral Select Countertop stone finishes – as well as over other existing interior countertops and tables.

It brings stunning clarity and beautiful visual depth…to create a high performance showpiece with these functional benefits:

  • smooth luxurious feel
  • easy-to-clean surface
  • excellent hot pan / heat resistance
  • outstanding stain resistance
  • excellent impact resistance
  • excellent water resistance
  • low odor and ZERO VOC

Top coat your brand new SpreadStone™ countertop – or renew your existing one?

The SpreadStone Countertop Clear Coat kit gives you more exciting options for getting just the right countertop look and feel – whenever you are ready.

Add a smoothly polished look and feel right over top of your newly completed SpreadStone project right from the get-go. Or, you can freshen up and give a whole new look to the SpreadStone countertop you’ve already had for a number of years.

Either way, an hour or two is all it takes to completely renew your kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, wood bar top, table and more, with a beautiful, durable, crystal clear new surface.


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