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  • Cinnamon
  • Cool Moss
  • Coriander
  • Deep Slate
  • Earth
  • Ginger
  • Harvest Tan
  • Ivory
  • Lava Rock
  • Misty Clay
  • Natural White
  • Olive Grey
  • Pebblestone
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If you’re tired of struggling with concrete paints and other retail coatings that never last, you owe it to yourself to give RollerRock® a try.

RollerRock is a tough stone coating that’s been successfully installed on millions of feet of exterior concrete in all extreme climates for years.

Using just a roller and brush, you can dramatically improve surfaces all around your home or business with a real stone finish that lasts … in your choice of fifteen colours.

From cozy little patios to large commercial surfaces, RollerRock is proven everywhere — and it will do the job for you too.


RollerRock® is the easy roll-on concrete coating that adds the beauty and durability of stone to almost any existing surface. No complex techniques. No fancy tools. Just a roller or brush — and NO PRIMER required!

Available in fifteen standard colors, RollerRock accents lots of surfaces with a clean speckled stone appearance. Just pour it into a tray and roll or brush it uniformly over your desired surface. Go seamless, flagstone or tiled.

Performance Highlights
Using common painting skills, you may be surprised at how simple it can be to produce decorative, functional and lasting finishes for concrete with excellent resistance to:

• Water • UV Rays • Salt • Chemicals
• Impact & Abrasion • Hot-Tire Pickup
• Freeze/Thaw Conditions • Mold & Mildew

RollerRock’s Many Uses…

• Porches & Steps • Pool Decks and Patios
• Walkways and Entrances
• Garage, Utility Floors • Basement Floors
• Balconies … and more!


1) How is RollerRock® different from paint? Simply…RollerRock IS NOT paint. It is a high performance concrete coating made of STONE. Paint is only a super-thin layer of colour in a bonding resin that sticks to your concrete for a short time until it is scrubbed off under foot traffic or tires — or quickly scoured away by seasonal climate extremes. In contrast, the STONE that makes up RollerRock is a time-tested shield that comes to you direct from nature!

2) What is the coverage rate of RollerRock? RollerRock is applied in your choice of two textured finishes, each with it’s own application thickness and resulting coverage rate.

The Stone Texture Finish is the most commonly applied RollerRock finish with a coverage rate between 80 – 100 sq.ft. per gallon, per coat. It’s applied with the “Stone Texture Roller” and is primarily used outdoors where a more rustic, anti-slip surface is required. Two coats 2 – 4 hours apart, in warm dry conditions, are recommended for the most durable, uniform and attractive results. Two Coats of the Stone Texture finish are required.

RollerRock’s other finish is called the “tile texture” finish. It goes on a bit thicker with an average coverage rate of about 60 sq.ft. per gallon. It is a slightly smoother more refined result that resembles a speckled tile finish. One or two uniform coats are recommended with the tile texture roller, about 4 – 6 hours apart.

3) Is RollerRock recommended for a garage floor? RollerRock is a great slip-resistant finish for any garage floor. We recommend the tile texture finish for garage floors for its superior cleanability and refined, solid appearance. It stands far apart from stereotypical epoxy / flake garage floor finishes and imparts a tough, slab-like stone surface with extreme resistance to hot tires. Top-coat with Daich DaiHard Epoxy Clear Coat for a beautiful, lasting finish.

4) I’ve never heard of RollerRock. Is this stuff new? How do I know it works? RollerRock has been installed throughout North America since 2005 with an outstanding performance record. It draws much of it’s technical superiority from our unique formulating approach to coatings — and the rest from our love of stone over the last 30 years.

5) Can RollerRock add foot traction to my slippery exterior steps? Yes. In fact, in laboratory testing, RollerRock’s “stone texture” finish, applied as directed, delivered an anti-slip score of 0.093 — almost TWICE the OSHA recommended standard.

1 review for RollerRock

  1. Peter Daich

    I used this product to cover up the eye-sore the front porch (26ft. x 5 1/2ft) was after I removed the tile that was starting to lift. Once I removed all the tile and scraped, wire cup brushed and power washed multiple times to remove residual paint, glue/adhesives, I then gave it an acid bath using muriatic acid. I let it dry for a few days and applied the RollerRock Concrete Coating. It went on well, using the foam textured RollerRock roller I think it gave a nice texture. By the time I completed the project, I applied 3 coats (glad I bought the 5 gal. product). After waiting 2 days to make sure it dried (not allowing any foot traffic) I applied the HI-BUILD ULTRA – SATIN sealer, 2 coats. I am very happy with how this turned out.
    — Stephen

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