Effectively fight the damaging effects of unwanted moisture with ElastoLock.

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ElastoLock is a highly versatile and functional roll-on damp-proof rubber membrane coating that imparts exceptional waterproofing, flexibility and weathering advantages to many existing surfaces.

ElastoLock is an easy, ready-to-use, single component coating that locks firmly onto concrete, concrete block and plywood – as well as tile backer board, drywall, primed metal and plastic.

You’ll be surprised at the many effective ways that ElastoLock helps you protect surfaces and fight water penetration, moisture vapor, mildew, rot and mold indoors and out.

  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
  • Excellent water and water vapor barrier
  • Excellent rubber underlayment coating; helps protect underlying floors and walls from water penetration and damage due to leaks and flooding
  • When properly applied, spans cracks and seams in exterior concrete structures to keep water out and protect from freeze and thaw cycles
  • Excellent water-resistant barrier coat for exterior poured concrete walls and block foundation walls
  • Underlayment coating prior to ceramic or stone tile application
  • Blocks water vapor transmission through treated surfaces
  • Protective moisture blocking and adhesion promoting base coat; excellent prior to painting sheds, wood railings and other exterior structures
  • Water submersible
  • Stays flexible in sub-zero temperatures
  • Excellent adhesion promoting base coat prior to other coatings on very smooth concrete or synthetic surfaces
  • Easy roller, brush or spray application
  • Fast dry time (30 – 60 minutes)
  • Water-based / water clean-up
  • Very low VOC / odorless
  • Stetches up to 800%

COVERAGE:  Averages 120 sq. ft. per gallon per coat (depending on application thickness). ** For best waterproofing protection, apply two coats 24 hours apart.**

Key Uses

How To

Among ElastoLock’s many uses, it can also be used with Daich Reinforcing Fabric and Mesh to create a tough, flexible waterproof membrane for plywood decks. Watch the videos below to see how it’s done!


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