How to refinish your countertop with real stone in just a weekend!

Imagine getting the real stone countertop you’ve always wanted with just a roller and a brush. No messy removal, no construction — and no spending thousands of dollars. All you do is roll on a new stone surface — right over your existing countertop — in just a weekend. As easy as painting, this dream project can easily be tackled by any do-it-yourselfer.

At Daich Coatings, we’ve recently unveiled our newest version of our high SpreadStone™ Mineral Select™ Countertop Refinishing Kit.

In the following article you can find great information on;

  1. The durability of our real stone countertops
  2. How easy it is to customize the countertop design
  3. The quality of the real stone finish

If you can use a roller and paintbrush, then you can use this product to create a new stone surface

1. The durability of our real stone countertops

SpreadStone is a dynamic multi-colored decorative stone finish that provides shimmering mineral accents and color highlights found in natural mined rock. The real stone coating system has outstanding resistance to hot pans, stains, abrasion, impact and household cleaners. This makes it ideal for the general wear and tear common with busy kitchens and other areas of the home. “We’re big believers in the strength and natural beauty of real stone,” says Daich. “We take pride in offering decorative stone solutions to our valued customers.

“If the layout of your kitchen or bathroom is good, then all you really need to do is resurface what is already there. This new kit does just that – at a tiny fraction of the cost of putting in a new stone slab.”

2. How easy it is to customize the countertop design

The SpreadStone Mineral Select Countertop Refinishing kit comes in 10 decorative color options. The cost-effective kit (available for $125) includes all application tools and required coatings to transform up to 40 square feet of surface. The finishes are essentially odorless and come pre-mixed and ready to apply immediately, with no harsh chemicals.

Application of the real stone product can be done in three simple steps — a stone base

coat, a decorative stone coat and a stone clear top coat. The coatings create a lasting and elegant new upgrade for any room. As a bonus, the cost effectiveness of the product makes it easy and inexpensive to change the color whenever you desire to suit new decor in the future.

3. The quality of the real stone finish

While SpreadStone’s easy roller application allows for a simple paint-like experience, Daich points out that’s where the similarity to paint ends. “SpreadStone is the real deal,” says Daich. “It’s not merely a faux finish. The coating is far thicker than any paint. This is a real decorative stone layer anyone can apply with zero artistic skill.”

A key step after the stone is applied is your ability to quickly “polish” the stone to your desired level of smoothness. Specially-included sandpaper can be used either by hand or with a palm sander to achieve the desired effect.

“Some of our customers want a very smooth surface, while others desire a lightly textured, more organic stone finish,” says Daich. “It’s completely up to you and your decorative goals. Either way, this final step is truly the fun part. This is where all of the decorative beauty of your new surface really comes to life before your eyes.”

Countertop Refinishing Kit

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