From: $54.95 From: $29.95
  • Roll on application dries in just 1 hour
  • Refinish almost any floor surface
  • 15 beautiful finishes and colors


We manufacture surface finishes made from stone — our specialty for 27 years. From floors and walls … to countertops, we put the timeless elegance and strength of real stone into your hands.

Our innovative thinking also extends to a wide range of unique coatings, making us your source for concrete sealers, anti-slip paints, epoxy systems, decorative wall systems — and more. Our cutting edge coating technologies bring you effective and economical new ways to add more functionality, safety, high performance and beauty to all kinds of existing floor and wall surfaces — indoors and out.

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Ben Coles Project

Kitchen Transformation Led by SpreadStone Mineral Select Countertop Kit             A kitchen renovation for just $700? It can be done … just ask Ben Coles.             Ben and his wife redid their walls, cabinets and countertops for $500. Now they have the look and feel of a new kitchen. The Coles began by painting their [...]

The Inn at Scituate Harbor

Anti-Slip RollerRock Ideal for Indoor Pool Deck             Even when it’s cold and snowy outside, it’s warm and inviting at The Inn at Scituate Harbor. Located on the Atlantic Coast in Massachusetts, the inn includes 29 comfortable rooms, each one with a harbor view. When the weather is too cold to go outside, many guests [...]

Davina Bell Project

Out with the Ugly --- in with the Impressive!             Stains. Lots of them … that’s what Davina Bell kept finding on her white Formica countertop. It was those stains that finally led her to explore options for redoing her kitchen countertops.             “I’m a ‘cosmetic DIYer’ in my house,” says Bell, a resident of [...]

Transforming home exteriors with DIY stone coatings

Do you have an ugly, cracked concrete walkway, steps or porch? We can help. One of the easiest and most economical ways to achieve an exterior transformation is with do-it-yourself stone coatings. Developed by Daich Coatings, our high-performance concrete coatings are actually made of stone. You use a “Stone Texture Roller” to apply our product, [...]

How to refinish your countertop with real stone in just a weekend!

Imagine getting the real stone countertop you’ve always wanted with just a roller and a brush. No messy removal, no construction — and no spending thousands of dollars. All you do is roll on a new stone surface -- right over your existing countertop -- in just a weekend. As easy as painting, this dream [...]

3 essential home improvements you can easily DIY in just one weekend!

Ready to tackle some much-needed do-it-yourself projects around your home? If you have cracked concrete, old and slippery garage floors or deteriorating concrete patios or pool decks, then we have the real stone solutions to help halt the slide into disrepair. In the following article you can find great information on; Fixing your porch and [...]

Renew, Beautify, Protect – Almost anywhere!


Foot Traction

Our textured stone coatings can be applied to your desired level of slip resistance — to make walking surfaces safer. And beautiful!


Extreme Cold

Shoveling, salting and winter conditions are no problem. Our coatings are installed as far north as Alaska.


Heat & UV

Bring it on! Daich stone coatings are installed throughout the southern USA and Caribbean.


Heavy Duty

From hot tires to heavy foot traffic, install your favorite look — and watch it perform.


Its not paint!

Daich decorative finishes are real stone coatings that cannot be compared to concrete paints you will find at your local home center.


Water Repellency

Protect interior and exterior surfaces from destructive moisture and mold growth with your choice of water-tight decorative finish or maintenance coating.


Textured stone coating, floors, walls, countertops and more!
If you can paint it, you can SpreadStone it!

Floor Coatings


From: $54.95 From: $29.95
  • Roll on application dries in just 1 hour
  • Refinish almost any floor surface
  • 15 beautiful finishes and colors

Sealers & Clear Coats

Lock in the quality of your stone with Daich sealers and clear coat solutions.

Wall Finishes


Adorn your walls with finely spun glass, elegantly woven into stunning, high performance textile wallcoverings. LuxWeave is stronger, safer and far superior to  wallpaper.


Performance Chemicals

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