There’s no easier way to add authentic
stone character to any concrete floor or wall
— indoors and out.
Primary Features & Benefits...
Step up
to real stone elegance...
Applying your new SpreadStone™ Decorative Concrete finish is easy.
Choose From 5 Popular Color Finishes...
Kit Contents:
• SpreadStone Primer • Spreadstone Base Coat • Spreadstone Accent Coats
• Spreadstone Clear Sealer • Application Rollers
• 1/4” Grout Line Stencil Tape • Instructional DVD
The SpreadStone™Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kit is a patent-pending pre-mixed, factory-tinted stone coating system that locks onto your concrete to produce a surface with stunning decorative appeal and outstanding performance. Application is fast and simple — and you don’t need to be an artist. Just roll on the coatings in the order specified for a beautiful new stone surface.
Whether your concrete is older and looking a little stressed, shedding its latest coat of paint, maybe a bit slippery, stained — OR NEW, BUT JUST GRAY AND LIFELESS — you can roll on the decorative brilliance of REAL STONE.
Make sure the surface is clean, dry and in good repair. Then just follow these steps...
1) Roll on
Base Coat.
(30 min. dry)
2) Roll on
Accent Coats.
(15 min. dry time)
3) Roll on
Clear Coat the
next day. Done!
• Covers 100 sq.ft. of concrete
• Complete Kit with all coatings and application rollers
• All-season performance in all climates
• Stands up to water, snow, salt, UV, extreme cold and heat
• Adds foot traction for safer walking surfaces
Sun Ledge
Summit Grey
Cold Gold Slate
Lake Rock
Grey Slate
SpreadStone™ coatings dry very fast – especially outdoors – which means your new decorative concrete finish can usually be installed quickly, in one afternoon.

Roll down the kit colors in the order specified to achieve your finish.
Here's a short video with SpreadStone's easy install method on a garage floor. You can do the same for:
• Pool Decks & Patios
• Porches and Steps
• Walkways
• Foundation Walls
• Basements
• Bathrooms
How's your concrete?
Time and weather, movement, use and abuse, can be tough on all your concrete surfaces, with cracking, chipping, stains and general wear.

You could try repairing the damage and visual flaws, but patched concrete usually looks BAD. Ripping out and replacing can COST THOUSANDS. And painting concrete is a short term solution at best.

The simple solution is to RESURFACE IT WITH SPREADSTONE.
Stunning Garage and Interior Concrete Floors...
Take your garage or basement floor to a whole new level with the look of high-end slate or premium tile — at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. SpreadStone's high performance formula will stand up to hot tires and demanding daily use.
(NOTE: The tile garage floor above was created using DAICH Grout Line Stencil Tape, included in the kit.
Any drab concrete patio can instantly be transformed into an inviting gathering place. Give pool decks new elegance and slip-resistance. Turn porches, steps and walkways into surfaces with serious curb appeal. Go with an attractive seamless look, or an easy tile effect. Or for the ultimate decorative statement, use DAICH Pre-Cut Stencils, as shown above (shipping late May 2018).
Showpiece Patios, Pool Decks and More...
spreadstone exterior wall
Concrete Block Walls Resurfaced With Stone...
Turn ugly block walls into new stone surfaces — WITHOUT LAYING A SINGLE BRICK. In a weekend, your foundation and retaining walls can become beautiful water and weather resistant resiential accents.

Even commercial cinder block walls can be coated – instantly upgrading the look of any building.