Adorn your walls with finely spun glass -- elegantly woven into stunning, high performance textile wallcoverings...
Instantly transform your boring painted walls and add a softly sophisticated new look to your home with LuxWeave.
LuxWeave is easy...
Just apply LuxWeave® like any other wallcovering, roll on two coats of quality paint in your desired color -- and the job is done!
- Tough - will not tear, withstands impact
- Breathable - does not trap moisture
- Damp and mold resistant
- Easy to clean
- Reinforces the wall
- Covers cracks and flaws
- No plastic vinyl odor
- No off-gassing
- Repaint whenever you wish
- Easy to handle -- not flimsy like wallpaper
- Non-toxic, non-alergenic
- Environment-friendly
- Made from natural materials
Stone-based WallRock looks and rolls on just like premium paint -- but withstands up to 2500 scrubs. (ASTM D-2486)
Up to "CLASS A" fire raing...
LuxWeave® Glass Textile Wallcovering is real glass finely spun into an advanced, high performance thread -- and then exquisitely woven into tasteful wallcoverings that add new style to any room.

From the luxurious look and feel of herringbone cloth ... to random, softly flowing textures, Luxweave is easy to apply and is always exactly the color you want because you complete the job with a coat of your favorite brand and color of paint.
So this is just paintable wallpaper?
Absolutely not.

LuxWeave is 100% constructed with real glass filament, which means it is structurally stronger and far superior to any wallpaper. Plus, it's real woven fabric -- just like a fine wall tapestry. Not stamped in a machine like paper or vinyl.

The result is an elegant, finely detailed decorative effect with these outstanding benefits...
1) Roll wallcovering adhesive onto your clean, paint-ready wall.
2) Affix LuxWeave to the wall. Unlike wallpaper, LuxWeave is strong and easy to handle and adjust for perfect placement.
3) Join the pattern along the seam as you cover the wall. LuxWeave's generous body makes it easy to line up and achieve seamless results. Paint your new walls the next day in your desired color. Done!
Small Roll
- Width: 1M (39.37")
- Length: 25M (82 ft)
- Coverage Area: 269 sq.ft.

**For an average room or hallway.

Large Roll
- Width: 1M (39.37")
- Length: 50M (164 ft)
- Coverage Area: 538 sq.ft.

**Two average rooms, or room and hallway.
Performance like no other...
LuxWeave Wallcovering stands up to daily use and abuse
-- residential and commercial.
It is uniquely durable...
For even greater fire-resistance, coat LuxWeave with DAICH WallRock Paint -- for a "CLASS A" fire rating!
For super heavy-duty performance, paint with DAICH WallRock for durability no other paint can match.
Styles, Roll Dimensions and Availability...
Get just the right look for any room with our selection of 45 popular LuxWeave styles.

Our most popular styles are permanently stocked here, and normally available for immediate purchase. **Other styles from our selection -- available for viewing on our main site -- are made to order, normally shipping from our facility within 14 days.**

LuxWeave rolls are available in the following sizes:
Our customer support team is here to answer your questions, provide additional information, assist with orders, arrange product shipments and more.

For smaller orders requiring just a roll or two, LuxWeave can be conveniently purchased online at the Daich Store. For larger projects requiring added attention, volume discounts and palletized shipping, just give us a call at 1 (866) 463-2424 or email us at
LuxWeave painted with your favorite brand name latex paint is a naturally fire retardant decorative wall surface.
LuxWeave delivers long-term durability -- with only occasional repainting when you want to freshen the room with a new color.